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OTAVA® Cloud Migration Services

Remove the complexity from your cloud migrations. Let our experts handle the intricacies to accelerate your cloud migration journey.

Realize revenue quicker in the cloud – without missing a beat.

OTAVA® Managed Migrations provide a simple, fully-managed approach to cloud migration. With OTAVA , you focus on what you do best while our experts handle the complexities of your digital transformation.  Our team of experts will lead your migration through our three-step process and identify clear, easy-to-track milestones to stay on time and within budget.

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Get the most out of your cloud migration:

Accelerate Innovation

Developers and engineers can deploy new services with speed and agility that is simply not possible with traditional IT infrastructure or procurement.

Increase Business Agility

Scale up or down easier and faster, allowing your business to grow as you need to and take advantage of market opportunities as they arise.

Save Money

New architectures can reduce software stack and required equipment and licensing, decreasing costs. Moving data and workloads to the cloud also allows for savings on real estate.

Reduce Capital Expenditure

The right blend of IT can reduce the burden on capital, freeing it up for business expansion. Move from a Capital Expenditure (CapEx) model to a more flexible Operational Expenditure (OpEx) model.


OTAVA can accelerate the ability to obtain required certifications to become compliant, and maintain compliance so your company doesn’t have to. We are certified in HIPAA; HITECH; HITRUST; SSAE18; SOC 1, 2, 3; PCI-DSS; and ISO 27001.

Features and Benefits of Cloud Migration Services include:

A Comprehensive IT Assessment

OTAVA cloud professionals perform a detailed and thorough examination of the existing infrastructure to inform the most optimal data and workload placement in the new cloud environment.

Flexible Testing Tools

OTAVA Migration Services includes flexible testing tools to mitigate any potential risks of downtime that might be hidden.

A Dedicated Project Manager

One of OTAVA’s cloud professionals will be your dedicated project manager, and will collaborate teams, provide updates and execute the entire project through completion and beyond.

Robust Migration Tools

OTAVA uses only the most innovative and cutting-edge tools to facilitate the best cloud migration experience.

Detailed Status Updates

Transparent migration reports and progress updates every step of the way gives you complete insight to the status of your cloud migration.

Validation Testing

We’ll perform post-migration infrastructure testing to authenticate the transition and ensure that you’re comfortable in your new cloud environment.

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Client Testimonials

“Before this migration, we had business opportunities that we had to turn away because we didn’t have all the necessary underlying hosting certifications. This solution has opened up our capability to interact with almost any client.”

– Adam Goslin, CEO, TCT

“I feel that the [migration] went very well, fast and efficient…couldn’t have asked for more! I want to pass along a BIG thanks to everyone involved, couldn’t have made it happen without their assistance! Thanks again!”

– Steve Werner, Director of Technology, Milhaus

“Knowing that we take an important approach to security and that our partner, OTAVA, takes an important approach to security, that’s a big selling point for our clients.”

– Gavin Murphy, CEO, Annkissam

“OTAVA’s HIPAA compliance was a big positive for us because the healthcare industry and the people among the community are really concerned about that. We feel there is a lot of value that OTAVA provides, and as an early adopter of healthcare data security and privacy compliance, their services ended up being a perfect fit for us.”

– Chandil Pinchi, CIO, ModuleMD

“OTAVA is an expert in this area with a great track record. Implementation was smooth and took less than two weeks. We look forward to the ongoing benefits of these new, secure virtual cloud environments while we maintain our focus on our core business function, which is serving our members.”

– Steve Pon, Project Manager, HQI

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