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Managed Security Services


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Comprehensive Security Posture

Cyber threats are everywhere and the threat is constantly growing. OTAVA’s newest Managed Security Services offering, OTAVA® SIEM & SOC, addresses the mission-critical need for businesses struggling to secure and protect their operations against cyber threats and attacks. This purpose-built advanced security solution cuts through the noise of automated alerting with real-time monitoring, analysis, and the expertise of the OTAVA team. Elevate your security posture with the expertise, regulatory compliance, and monitoring you need to thrive.

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What makes OTAVA® SIEM & SOC different?

At OTAVA®, we attack security across every touchpoint, including people, places, and policies.

Fast Ingestion and Indexing

Improve your MTTD (mean time to detection). Data is indexed as it’s ingested, giving you access to correlation and search functionalities in seconds, not hours.

Security Control Validation

Ensures the recommended resolution has been applied and that the overall issue is fixed.

Normalized Data

OTAVA normalizes data ingested by the SIEM, tuning the alerts to make them highly actionable.

Role-Based Access Control

Set privileges and permissions to give secure access to authorized users, allowing them to see the data they need.

Security Information and Event Management

Security Information & Event Management

Detect threats before they disrupt your business.

  • Real-Time Monitoring.  Track activity from privileged users, monitor the integrity of internal files, and identify suspicious events like failed log-ins.
  • Data Visibility.  SIEM detects abnormal activity, monitors outbound traffic, and sends real-time alerts to security teams when suspicious activity occurs
  • User Behavior Analytics.  Improve your organization’s information security by tracking and monitoring user behavior analytics.
  • Compliance Mandates.  SIEM helps you maintain compliance with regulatory mandates and pass security audits.

Security Operations Center

Elevate your security posture.

  • Alert Review. Review all alerts and make needed adjustments to optimize for actionability.
  • Threat Mapping.  Review visibility, detection, and threats to understand and enhance the
    security environment.
  • ReflexSOAR.  Security automation, incident response, alert triage and case management.
  • Alert Rules.  Create, modify and validate security controls to ensure detection is in place and working as expected.
  • Anomaly Detection. Detect abnormal behavior by users and assets to help identify malicious behavior.
  • Reporting & Action Items. The OTAVA team will inform you monthly of your current security posture, threat level, and any steps to further optimize security services.

SIEM & SOC Benefits

  • 24x7x365 Security Threat Detection & Response
  • Compliance Monitoring & Reporting
  • Insider Threat Detection
  • Log Management & Analysis
  • Incident Response Management
  • Interoperability
  • Eliminate False Positives
  • Security Control Validation
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OTAVA in action

Learn how our purpose-built solutions have positively impacted our clients, helping them unlock new solutions and uncover business opportunities.

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Compliance comes standard.

Cloud compliance and security practices are ingrained in everything we do. We are certified in HIPAA; HITECH; HITRUST; SSAE18; SOC 1, 2, 3; PCI-DSS; and ISO 27001, placing OTAVA in an elite group of organizations worldwide.

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Client Testimonials

“The fact that OTAVA manages all our production infrastructure for us has helped big time. Since we have moved [our infrastructure] over, our experience with OTAVA has been smooth.”

– Chandil Pinchi, CIO, ModuleMD

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“We went with OTAVA because we’re a very data-driven company, and we have a need for security and HIPAA compliance — that was a big thing for us. We chose them because of the efficiency of their solutions, fully redundant data center, cost, and most importantly, their focus on compliance.”

– John Goerges, Director of IT, MDWise

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“The level of service across the board from OTAVA has been nothing short of exceptional. It’s only getting better and better as the years go along. Whenever we pick up the phone, someone is immediately available to answer questions.”

– Brian Allen, CEO, Progressive Data Services

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